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Glacial moraine Plane:
The plane on which the buildings were erected and the flat area downstream up to the edge of the forest are the residue of the last Wurm glaciation that affected our area between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago.
The land that emerges here are the deposits abandoned by the glacier and is in fact made up of blocks, pebbles, gravel and sand in lime-clay matrix, the result of the last glacier advancement of the Lapisino branch of the Piave river. Basically it is a probably limited lateral border of the tongue of the glacier, that by crossing the valley, was trans-shifting in the Tarzo territory beyond the first two hill crests.

Sandstone-Marl Hill:
The entire area upstream of the above mentioned one develops along a one-climate structure that has the layers oriented to South-East and sloping about 70°.
In terms of lithologic, the local layers are made of regular alternations of sandstone and gray to yellowish marl sandstones passing upwards to a level of conglomerate rock. These areas are the result of marine deposits that left sediments around 25 million years ago, and made to surface as a result of the tectonic forces that have occurred over the time and even now, as evidenced by the seismic events that periodically affect the foothills of Treviso.

The company is located in a hilly land and the land that was arranged, has slopes ranging from 5 to 35%. The ground is exposed to West and Southwest and that is enough to allow the cultivation of grapes with good fruit ripeness. The farmland has a total of HA 13.50.00, 2.00.00 of which are covered with lawns, the remaining area is divided between woodland, dirt roads and non cultivated patches. The areas subject to replanting are located in the town of Tarzo in sect. B sheet VII Maps 17-19-20-21-22.



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