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The small Temple of the ANASTASIS
Resurrection - Del Mondragon
On the pediment of the Temple

"Non nobis, Domine, non nobis sed nomini Tuo da gloriam"
(Psalm 115)

In an environment particularly grand and solemn, in the heart of Mondragon, with a perfect astronomical orientation which sets the altar to the East "The Light of Dawn", a small temple was built dedicated to the Resurrection of our Lord -ANASTASIS- and to St. Michael and St.George.
While working on it, Danilo Riponti asked the architect Eugenio Faldon to use in its project a unit of linear measure and to respect the sacred cubit and to comply with the highly symbolic numerological balance. The dominant theme is that of the octagon which symbolizes the Resurrection of the Lord and sublimed in the ANASTASIS Chapel of the HOLY SEPULCHRE in Jerusalem.

The skylights -as well as the base of the magnificent Romanesque baptismal font in Euganean trachyte, dating from the second half of the XII century, received by jure successionis to the Riponti family and well described by Bishop Antonio Moret in his studies- recall the symbolism of the octagon of crucial importance for our Faith, as expression of Christ, who reconciles, through his Resurrection, the Spirit (the circle) with the matter (the square).

The checkerboard floor and the ceiling starrysky painted, with a precise astronomical position, take up issues dear to the medieval and chivalry symbolism. On February 19, year 2005 AD, the Apostolic Father Ernesto Piacentini Postulator of the Franciscan Minor Conventual Order solemnly blessed the temple.

The Mondragon Christ
The Christ of Mondragon is the result of the faith and will of Danilo Riponti and of the deep artistic and religious inspiration of the sculptor Walter Trevisi.
The first has imagined the location in the heart of the Mondragon, the material used for the Cross, in centuries-old olive wood, the size of three sacred cubits in height and two in width, an octagonal symbol of Anastasis - Resurrection superimposed with the Cosmic Cross of Jerusalem.
Walter Trevisi is the artist who performed the wood work, carving from a single piece of linden wood, the beautiful Christ, placed in front of the Romanesque baptistery, watching over all humanity from the hills of the Mondragon. The Cross holding Christ as well as the whole building draws inspiration from the theme of the octagonal Jerusalem.

The Gothic windows
The beautiful Gothic windows were made in the spring of 2008 by Master Roger Constantin, on specific symbolism drawn by Danilo Riponti.
Of the two octagonal rosettes, the eastern one represents the Holy Grail, portrayed in the shape of the Sacred Caliz of Valencia with the Templar symbol of the Eucharistic Lamb, while the western one is the symbol of the Holy Mother of God who overcomes and protects the coat of arms of the Riponti Family.
The two large glass windows depicting the two patron saints, St. Michael to the South and St. George to the North side. These were represented the first on the coat of arms of a Templar Knight with the complex symbolism of the Order of the Temple including the Baussant banner and the mysterious SATOR, and the second, in the coat of arms of a Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and Malta, with the proper symbols of the Johannite Order: on 12 July 2007 this order celebrated here a solemn function.
On the day of St. Michael, in 2008 were placed in the Temple, XV fire branded wooden tables, a Way of the Cross, made by Master Giacomo Scandolo of strong symbolic impact.



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