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The area of operation, develops over 13 hectares and includes a ridge that rises to the east, i.e. towards Cima Mondragon, flanked to the north and south by broad valleys with nearly vertical slopes sometimes ten meters drops while to the west, this area extends to the valley of the river Lierza.
The axis of this ridge rising towards the east, has an average gradient of about 25%..

From the lithological point of view, within the area under examination, the series of lands consists at present of a conglomerate formation, which appears in the highest part of this hill. It is of continental origin and appears in banks of variable thickness, with polygenic pebbles and includes sandstone lenses in its basal parts.

Below this line are well cemented sandstone layers, of lagoon origin and ranging in color from blue to variably ocher depending on the degree of alteration suffered on the surface. Deeper down there is a more or less cemented sandstone formation (sandstone) very rich in clay and marl elements that make it less resistant to cutting.
Just in the beginning of this last surfacing of sedimentary formation means to match the upstream limit of the range for crop production. So these are the lands that constitute the matrix of this piece of land that will nourish the planned plantations.
From the tectonic point of view, the position of the sediments mentioned above is of single crest shape dropping towards SE and with a slope close to 70 °, in the vicinity of the southern edge of the above mentioned ridge there is a transforming shift in the ESE-WNW that has led to the shifting towards the southern rim of the fault in comparison with the northern one.

This tectonic existence has led to the erosion of land by elements which have carved a deep valley along the line of the fault.
In the built up area of this agricultural land and in front of it up to the valley of the river Lierza, which turns into an on-site small pond, there is, in the immediate subsurface, a thick layer of landslide material from the heights of this mountain system.
In the highest part of the area selected for cultivation there is an open space between 300m and 315m level with a watershed oriented to West. It is perfect without major work to be done, to drain the water that falls in it.



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