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The rows of the new vineyards were planted on the outer edge of the banks allowing an easy management of the grass on the slopes.

The growing method adopted is the "SPURRED CORDON", an agricultural methods with counter espalier system that allows to obtain high quality grapes with low yields.
This type of system involves the upwards trellis of the grape shoots and under the conditions of the site in question, it improves the balance of vegetation and production of same.
The distance between a row of a bank and the next (partly sloping) is about 2.4 m, while the vines are placed at 80 cm one from the other in row. From a structural standpoint the carrying wire for the permanent cordon was placed about 80 cm from the ground and height of the poles above ground is 1.70 m to ensure the development of enough foliage (130 cm wall) and keep on nearly all grape shoots a sufficient quantity of leaves to provide for a good grape ripening.
Special attention was paid to the proper positioning of the containment of vegetation wire upwards to allow a good penetration of light and air circulation inside the crown as a prerequisite to improve the microclimate around the grape bunches and the photosynthetic efficiency of leaves.

To achieve a better integration in the environment, the backbone of the vineyard has been made with poles of Pino Silvestre of Arctic origin, with octagonal section (reminiscent of the company logo), from Swedish origin, treated with anti-rot salts.
The distance of the poles on the line is 5 meters. Rooted cuttings were planted, certified Merlot, with a particular clonal selection of absolute excellence, including two clones of French origin, and two clones of Italian origin. Special attention was also placed in the choice, quite original, of the rootstocks.



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