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The obvious containment of grape production costs, very high in areas such as these, and the improvement of quality, which in this case, is the most fundamental company's philosophy data, tending to excellence, determined the need to rationalize and improve the agronomic management of the vineyards. In short, the improvement work made, aims at becoming a state of the art model in vineyard replanting on steep slopes.

This adventure pursued two purposes, the first of physical and geological nature to obtain the following:
1) improvement of infiltration and drainage;
2) improvement of slopes firmness by planting the vineyard in banks with a rational arrangement
3) keeping up the appearance of the landscape by creating a modern vine setting yet with wooden poles.

The second purpose with technical-cultivation characteristics to obtain the following:
1) the set up of an innovative and rational vineyard that will provide high quality grapes to be processed into valuable DOC / IGT wines;
2) the obtainment of a high degree of mechanization through the integration of the land development, the vineyard are, the appropriate choice of operating machines, to make it easier to run and improve the safety in hilly areas;
3) make the preservation of the vineyard economically interesting by making the hilly area valuable. With an appropriate return only, can a hillside vineyard be managed as a prerequisite to prevent land abandonment, thereby making the preservation of landscape and land conservation possible.



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